Once the backbone of small community, this all changed when an unfortunate livestock accident fatally injured him. Distraught locals, realising his importance to their continued survival, attempted to use his ritual book to heal/resurrect him.

Something terrible happened during the ritual, and Tyrak came back from death changed.

In Dariond he posed as a visiting mage and stayed at the Mage Academy even assisting the party in their adventures when he was able to wring some benefit from it. Frederick however revealed his true identity as a Death Master and his role as the source of the party’s problems.

He is not particularly physically strong and he does not seem to possess any immediately obvious powers, though he is cunning and his plots and traps are devious and well devised. Caution is advised when encountering Tyrak, though face-to-face combat seems effective, provided one can make it to him.

He currently seems to be gathering power, although it is currently clear that his position has been usurped by his former apprentice, the now lich Negralzgar. What happens from here remains to be seen.


Dariond's Demise Sovereign