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Dariond’s Demise

The tale of a small band of valiant heroes who struggle against powerful forces attempting to unleash an undead apocalypse on the city of Dariond.


Chapter 1

Our adventure opens with a sudden and treacherous attack on the taverns of the city of Dariond. A coordinated strike intended to disrupt adventurer activity in the city for some nefarious purpose.

The party hunted down those responsible for the tavern attacks, but quickly discovered that they were only hired thugs in the employ of someone far more powerful, with ambitious designs. They sought the counsel of Baeldurn and developed a plan to strike against the organised crime boss Don Baltani, known as “the Sweeper”.

A daring raid on Don Baltani’s gambling den resulted in his defeat and imprisonment in Baeldurn’s keep. Under questioning assisted by Tyrak’s ritual he revealed that his actions were at the behest of someone named Malgarion, together with Malgarion’s location and mode of operation. The heroes discovered that the Don had been funnelling funds from his gambling dens to the east.

The heroes immediately sought to attack Malgarion at his base of operations in the wealthy merchant’s quarter. Underneath the house, Malgarion and two of his cohorts were attempting to activate a powerful artifact to cause untold damage to Dariond. The party killed the trio, inhibited the device and saved the city.

Malgarion’s records confirmed the Don’s story and showed that the money was being transported to a particular location in the Eastern swamp. The heroes detoured to save Baeldurn’s daughter Cassandra from corrupt town guards who had kidnapped her, and then travelled east to confront the new threat.

Chapter 2

As the party traveled to the east, they encountered a powerful demon who possessed a pile of sheep fleece, and identified itself as Sho’Gorrath defiler of the Fel Taint. The heroes defeated this demon in its weakened form, which appeared to forced its remaining essence to retreat inside a single woolen fleece.

The first settlement on the edge of the swamp was under siege by a band of deranged and tainted lizardmen. The party fought off the lizardmen and pushed into the swamp. They located a cave, guarded by yet more deformed and vicious lizardmen. Fighting their way deeper into the cave they discovered a series of insane experimentation on lizardmen, dragon eggs and plant life. It became clear that a lizardman shaman named Skregarion had subjugated a black dragon and was extracting her eggs and using them to corrupt and deform other lizardmen.

The heroes defeated Skregarion, dismantled his laboratory and slew the black dragon Grelgaren while attacking from the remnants of a destroyed platform amidst a swirling lake of acid. They also found a party of creatures refered to as ‘dragonsworn’ by Skegarion’s notes who appeared to be attempting to build an obsidian portal of some kind. Upon touching the portal the party experienced a shared vision.

On their way back to the village they had saved, they encountered the remaining members of the tribe of lizardmen. Upon discovering that the lizardmen had been betrayed by Skregarion and had formerly been worthy trading partners, Korwhen resolved to mend the rift between the lizardman tribe and the human village. A small group of humans, bitter about the recent attacks, attempted to stage a riot and foil the peace process, but the party swiftly and decisively neutralised the leader of the dissenters, and the rest of the plotters relented. Recognising the importance of rebuilding trade routs to ensure long lasting stability Karrakh funded a Glittering exporting operation, which operates between the lizardmen the village and the city of Dariond.

As the party travelled back towards Dariond, they encountered a “carnival” which was actually a trap for unwary peasants, including an enchanted maze of mirrors and an insane “puppet master” who dismembered his victims and reconstructed them as horrific marionettes under his control. The magician Peirre Broghie was quickly dispatched by the party, however on his defeat it was revealed that he was himself a puppet. The true source of this evil was soon revealed to be the puppet master Agamon and heated battle was raged. Agamon used defensless peasants as human shields. During the combat a defenseless women name Sheana was felled by Mordek, who delivered a fatal blow to her chest. Agamon was soon defeated, and his magic mirror maze was collapsed back into the handheld mirror artifact it had been unfolded from.

On their return to Dariond, the party were treated to a feast in Baeldurn’s hall. Something about the situation was amiss, but the party weren’t able to discover what it was. Karakh communicated with the primal spirits and told the party that a band of ettins in the mountains to the east were conspiring to raise a demon, probably Sho’Gorrath, into full corporeal form. Tyrak, visiting mage and recently promoted advisor to Baeldurn, confirmed this and so the party set out the next day to confront the ettins.

Arriving in the mountains, the party found an ettin, who seemed more concerned about the fate of his pet ‘Rattus’ then with the summoning of demons. His failure to communicate effectively soon frustrated Frederick who had been possessing his second head. Frederick the Prodigious is the ghost of a dead bard who was slain by Tyrak and his minions four years prior. Frederick informed the party that the nearby underground temple full of undead (where he was killed) was actually the lair of Death Master Tyrak. Karakh had been possessed by a Dominator who had fabricated messages from the primal spirits to distract us from what was really going on in Dariond. Frederick’s ghost merged with Korwhen and the party returned to Dariond to confront Tyrak.

The party confronted Tyrak in Baeldurn’s hall. Tyrak was assisted by a squad of five Dominators who had both the guards and Baeldurn under mind control. The heroes’ assault against Tyrak was so furious that he was forced to use his every trick to attempt to escape the battle. As this was happening, the heroes managed to free Baeldurn and some of his guards from their Dominators. The battle was joined by Veronica one of the combat marionettes that was under Agamon’s control. Although not immediately obvious it soon became clear that it had been possessed by the malevolent spirit of Sheana intent on revenge for her unnecessary death. In the confusion Tyrak using a combination of the mirror maze and five Glitterings attempted his escape. He was almost slain however when Kaylund leaped from his hiding place landing a solid blow. Not missing a beat however Tyrak slammed his staff into the ground unleashing a wave of necrotic energy with left Kaylund stunned, facilitating his escape. The remaining enemy combatants were soon put down with the assistance of Baeldurn and his newly freed guards.#

It became clear that Tyrak had been using the city’s cemeteries and the Puppet Master’s carnival as a source of corpses to use as raw materiel for an undead army. The cemetery operations were shut down by Baeldurn with the assistance of the temple of Pelor, while the adventurers put a stop to Tyrak’s excavation underneath the city, which was an attempt to open a gate into some kind of catacomb inhabited by undead and devils. Here it was also revealed that dopplegangers were under Tyrak’s employ and disguised as Content Not Found: moria perhaps to disuade searching for her.

Chapter 3

The heroes take the fight to Tyrak, in a direct assault against the fortress whence he attempts to build his undead army.

Chapter 4

Chapter 5


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