Dariond's Demise

Session 4.2

Taint in the house of Pelor

Looking into the information about the victims of Eadric the Pure, we discovered that all of them were related to the Pohl family.

The only remaining member of the Pohl lineage was Hans Uller, a priest working with the poor in the south of the city. We went to find Hans, and followed him back to his church. Eadric was waiting for him and insisted that he needed to return Hans to Pelor.

We convinced Eadric to stand down while we investigated the matter. He told us very little except that there was a taint that needed to be removed, and that it had something to do with the tomb of the Bruller family.

We arranged for the mage guild to send a team of excavators to get us past the cave-in in the tomb, and used the Speak with Dead ritual on Herman Bruller. We asked him to tell us what he told Eadric, and he hinted that the taint began with Johann Demonsbane, the Kinslayer.

We went back to the church of Pelor and asked the historian, and later the High Cleric about this. They were all surprised to hear that there was something amiss in the history of Johann, who was the founder of the church of Pelor in the capital city. We were granted permission to search Eadric’s quarters and found a hidden message from Eadric stating that Johann had killed his brother and lied about his brother being possessed by a demon. We then discovered on the statue of Johann in the main hall, another hidden message naming the founder “Johann Bruller”.

Having uncovered the connection between Johann and the Bruller family, we returned to Eadric and Hans. We suggested that Hans should not be held accountable for the sins of Johann, but Eadric was determined to ensure that the taint on the church be expunged. We eventually persuaded him to let Hans live on the condition that Hans not father any children, meaning that the taint and the family line would end with him.

Eadric himself agreed to travel to Dariond immediately and join the battle against the undead, and the church of Pelor further agreed to send a team of healers and exorcists.



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