A lone goblin tends to the mountain of fleeces he has amassed . He moves around the towering pile poking, prodding, patting and mumbling to himself. Pause DC 22 perception. As you approach you catch glimpses of twitching and movement from the mound, a faint purple glow can be seen emanating from somewhere within. Pause for any actions. Suddenly this massive structure erupts in a shower of wool and Fel energy. The goblin shrieks and stumbles backwards sheltering himself with his arms. From the wreckage a terrifying beast begins to assemble its self. The flayed skins of perhaps one hundred sheep writhe an coil around a pulsing skeleton of purple Fel energy forming a beast the likes of which have never been seen. The beast announces itself is a distorted echoing growl “I Sho’Garroth, Despoiler of the Fel Taint have finally awakened. Hundreds of years of imprisonment have only fueled my rage. This plane shall now feel my full wrath as I wreak vengeance on all who do not bow down and swear fealty.”

The goblin cowering says in a terrified voice says “Uh Oh, this does not look good”.

Shifting it’s gaze towards the goblin it roars “You foolish goblin make welcome your new master.”

Intimidated the goblin squeals “Yes master, Kringlor lives only to serve you?”

Insight test DC 20 reveals that Kringlor is very unsure of this decision.

The gnarled horns of perhaps thirty rams coil together forming two massive horns which stretch above the monstrosities glowering eye sockets. The gazes of which are now firmly affixed upon you. Staring at these sockets they seem as though they are gates through which the formless horrors of the fel taint can be glimpsed, though perhaps the opposite is true. Startling you out of your trance the Sho’Gorrath barks “And what of you pitiful adventurers, will you serve me in life, or through death?”


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