Korderic the Progdificent

A half-end cunning bard who wields his lute as a tool for AWESOME



  • AC 28
  • FOR 21
  • REF 25
  • WIL 29


  • Passive Insight 25
  • Passive Perception 19

Wishlist items

Canaith Mandolin

Level 17 Wondrous item (PH2)

+4 bard implement.

Power (Daily • Healing): Standard Action. Use this power during a short rest. At the end of the short rest, choose yourself or an ally who remained within 20 squares of you during the rest. Until the end of that character’s next short rest or extended rest, he or she regains an additional 5 hit points when spending a healing surge. Song of Rest: The additional hit points equal 10.


Korderic’s main objective in life is to collect and tell truly great heroic tales. And the best way to collect heroic tales is to experience them! Korderic goes on adventures in search of those epic events that will eventually live on in song and story.

Originally known as Korwhen the Magnificent, he merged with the ghost of another bard who had perished in the fortress of Death Master Tyrak, named Frederick the Prodigious. The result of this coalescence took the name Korderic the Progdificent.


Korwhen was born in a small, boring pastoral village situated squarely in the middle of nowhere. His parents were kind and caring, but from a young age Korwhen was driven to seek out adventure. If there was no adventure to be had, Korwhen was always willing to create some. His parents would use words like “spirited” or “lively” to describe him. Others in the village might be more inclined towards “brat” or “troublemaker”.

In his teens Korwhen developed a powerful knack for wit, charm and storytelling. Several of the village girls were unable to resist his charm and after Korwhen had been chased out of one barn too many, he started to gain an unfavourable reputation.

Eventually, village folk being what they are, rumours of Korwhen exploiting dark seduction magic picked up some momentum. Exasperated with the dullness of the place and ostracised by its people, Korwhen decided to go out into the world in search of new and interesting experiences.

Korwhen wandered from place to place, singing songs and telling stories of war and glory in taverns in exchange for food and board. His amazing ability to win a crowd over meant he was never in want of a comfortable bed, or someone to share it with. It was at one such tavern that Korwhen met an adventurer bard named Alverenz. After watching his performance one night, this fellow approached Korwhen and said “That’s quite a talent ye have there boy. But I wonder if ye know exactly what it is you’re playing with?”

Becoming a bard

Alverenz taught Korwhen about the art of weaving magic into one’s song and speech, to inspire, to sooth or to coerce. He explained that Korwhen had already been using this magic intuitively, but with instruction he could learn to direct it with far more purpose. Korwhen was an avid student and learned much in the three years he travelled with Alverenz. Eventually Alverenz confessed that he had taught Korwhen all he could, and so they separated. Korwhen continued to travel and practise his art in taverns and, as he gained in skill, in the halls of lords and kings. When the opportunity arose, he would join an adventuring party and participate in the heroic tales he would later tell to thrilled audiences.

In the city of Dariond, one such opportunity arose. A tavern Korwhen was staying in was attacked and razed to the ground by a group of mercenaries. Korwhen took the opportunity to join a party who had been in the tavern at the time. Apart from the usual yearning for adventure, Korwhen felt particularly compelled to go after the villains behind this scheme. For what greater affront could there be for a bard, than burning down a tavern?

Korderic the Progdificent

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