A near silent character



- AC 28 - FOR 25 - REF 20 - WIL 21


- Passive Insight 17 - Passive Perception 22/32


- Bloodclaw Battleaxe +3 - Daemon Cloak – regen + 5 with 2nd wind. Resist 5 fire and cold.

Wishlist items

lvl 13 - The Raven Queens Shroud – boon - Gloves of Missile Deflection

lvl 14 - Fireheart Tattoo (tattoo section of - Reinforcing Armour - Translocating Armour - Fireburst Boots


Forged by a tinkerer a meager four years ago Husk was designed as a personal guard. The designer and builder (Arcades Feroz) was a locally known merchant who was highly paranoid. His decision to make Husk was spurred by an attack on a neighboring shop. For the first three years Husk worked in close proximity to Arcades. It sawing a large number of guests, travelers other servants coming into his masters house.

This period for Husk was fairly uneventful except for the one occasion soon after its construction. Arcades was meeting with a traveler who traveled his own minions, these minions seemed similar yet different to normal people. They appeared almost normal looking but moved in complete unison. Showing no emotion whatsoever. From this encounter Husk has been intrigued by what is considered life. This desire to learn and understand what life is was always being fed a trickle of information as a result of the numerous guests that the Arcades saw.

Close to six months ago Arcades disappeared. Husk has been searching ever since to discover where Arcades has gone. But is also now taking the opportunity to learn all it can about what life is.

This task was assisted by the fateful encounter at a tavern that allowed Husk to continue doing what it has always done, watch and observe.


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